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Patient Experience

What to Expect on Your First Dentist Visit With Quincy High Care Dentistry

Dr. Shaban and his team strive to make Quincy High Care Dentistry the most comfortable experience you have ever had in a dental practice. One cornerstone of this comfort is providing a thorough and comprehensive initial consultation. Since all patients and their dental needs are unique, we start with this comprehensive approach with all patients so we can formulate a tailored plan for you together.

The typical initial visit consists of the following:

  • Meeting a treatment coordinator and receiving a tour of our office
  • Completion of new patient forms
  • Review of primary dental concerns and past dental history
  • Review of past medical history as certain health conditions have significant bearing on your dental care
  • X-rays of teeth (x-rays beyond six months are too outdated for treatment planning)
  • Cavities inspection
  • Tooth-by-tooth examination
  • Periodontal examination for gum disease
  • Discussion of dental needs and wants to create a directed plan to improve you dental health and smile
  • The visit commonly takes around 60 minutes

Patient Comfort

It doesn’t take long to see that we use the latest and greatest tools and techniques in our Quincy, MA dentist office. But the magic is bringing that top-tier dental care with all the creature comfort to give you an unsurpassed experience. Quincy High Care Dentistry was designed around three guiding principles: your comfort, cutting-edge technology, and an unsurpassed dentist and team.

At Quincy High Care Dentistry, we are passionate about our patients. We are uncompromising in our technology. We are uncompromising in your comfort. We are uncompromising in quality. Put together, it is what makes our patients happy. Whether your dental needs are simple or as complex, Dr. Shaban and our qualified, caring team are here to help. Come, and enjoy dental care and a Quincy, MA dentist office unlike anything you have ever experienced!

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