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How to Choose a Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric Dentist Quincy There is a lot to consider when choosing the perfect pediatric dentist Quincy. Aside from education and experience, a great attitude and a welcoming atmosphere are also needed. Your child should look forward to each dental visit. While, parents should be informed on how to improve their child’s dental health. We’ve narrowed […]

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What is a Dental Exam?

Dental Exam Quincy MA Your upcoming dental exam Quincy MA is the first step for better oral health. This preventative dental procedure allows the dentist to understand your current dental needs. In addition, he or she is able to discover underlying issues and discuss the best treatment plan. What is a dental exam? In summary, […]

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Is it a Dental Emergency? Find Out Now.

Dental Emergency Quincy MA Dental Emergency Quincy MA | Identifying a dental emergency is important for your oral health. Some patients may ignore symptoms and postpone a visit to the dental office. Doing so could further complicate the dental issue. Learn more about dental emergencies below. It could save your tooth and improve your oral […]

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What is a Dental Implant?

Dental Implant Dental Implant Quincy | Dental implants have been used for teeth replacement for over 25 years. Yet, there are a number of patients that are more familiar with dental bridges and dentures. And so, we decided to create a blog centered around dental implants. Read below to learn how implants function while benefiting […]

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What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment Quincy MA Root Canal Treatment Quincy MA | Bacteria can enter a tooth and affect the pulp due to decay or tooth injury. Left untreated, pain may increase and tooth loss is likely. Patients with a tooth infection are recommended to have a root canal treatment to save the tooth and alleviate […]

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What are Dental Crowns?

Dental Crowns Quincy MA Dental Crowns Quincy MA | A dental crown is a common procedure in dentistry that many patients experience. If you are curious about dental crowns or may be expecting the procedure soon, then this blog will come in handy. Crowns are used for different reasons. And, your procedure may differ slightly. […]

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5 Nifty Tricks for Better Breath

Bye-Bye Bad Breath Ever wonder if brushing, flossing, and mouthwash is enough to stop bad breath? Aside from visiting your dentist regularly, there are more ways to prevent bacteria that cause bad breath. Sure, you can avoid onions and garlic but your breath could still smell bad. It’s possible the issue is medically related but […]

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5 Ways to Protect Your Child from Cavities

Cavities | Best ways to protect against tooth decay in children Cavities in children are preventable with proper dental care. But with so much advice online, we thought it be easier to narrow down the most effective dental care strategies. They’re simple. No note taking required but share them with a friend! Together, we can […]

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Simple Tips For Longer Lasting Dentures

How to Properly Maintain Your New Dentures

Simple Tips For Longer Lasting Dentures Dentures have officially become part of your life. Good! You’ve made a great decision to replace your missing teeth. Woo hoo! So now what? Well, you have to care for them. Whether you have complete or partial dentures, proper care is very important. It prevents pain, discomfort, bad breath, […]

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