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Visit the Dentist with Confidence During COVID-19

Did you know that the mouth is the gateway to the body? In fact, many health issues can first be detected by a dentist, which is why regular visits to the dentist are so important. Unfortunately, during COVID-19, many people are worried about visiting a dental clinic and wonder if it’s safe. At Quincy High […]

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Haven’t been to the dentist in a while?

Maybe you’ve skipped your routine visit due to COVID-19 or you’re new to your dental plan or you just haven’t had time for a checkup. Perhaps you’re worried about the cost, or you’re a little scared of the dentist’s chair. Whatever the reason, Dr. Shaban and his dental care team is here to put your […]

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How to keep your teeth healthy during COVID

How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Avoid Dental Emergencies During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Good dental hygiene might not be in the forefront of your mind in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. That could change quickly if you develop a painful cavity and have to make an emergency visit to our office. Dr. Shaban’s advice is to maintain a daily routine of brushing teeth and flossing to prevent […]

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Quincy Dentist: Preventive Dental Treatments

Preventive dental care is essential for patients of all ages. At Quincy High Care Dentistry, we offer an array of services that include pediatric, general, and cosmetic treatments. Learn more about our services by scheduling a consultation today.

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Best Dentist | Preventing Cavities

At Quincy High Care Dentistry, we recommend preventive dental treatment for children. Our best dentist has a vast knowledge of handling cavities in children and helping them prevent new ones. In fact, our office is well-equipped with modern technology and educated staff. 

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Improving Your Smile with a Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic Dentist Quincy Cosmetic Dentist Quincy Dental-related conditions or diseases are known to cause low self-esteem. Orthodontal esthetics goes a long way in influencing self-confidence. In fact, some of the most prevalent dental conditions include misaligned, damaged, discolored, and missing teeth. Patients interested in correcting their smile are advised to speak with a cosmetic dentist […]

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Quincy Dental Crown: Restore Your Smile

Our team at Quincy High Care Dentistry offers a variety of dental services including dental crowns. Speak with our team to learn more. Call 617-405-4524 or request an appointment online.

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Dental Fillings: Protecting Your Teeth

Protecting your teeth from decay is essential. It helps maintain your dental health. Learn more by scheduling a consultation with Quincy High Care Dentistry. Our friendly team would be delighted to assist.

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Cosmetic Dentistry: What You Should Know

Cosmetic dentistry is a customized approach to enhancing a patient’s smile. We recommend scheduling a consultation with our cosmetic dentist at Quincy High Care Dentistry. You’ll learn more about your treatment options to attain your dental goals. Call (617) 405-4524 or book an appointment online.

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What is a Root Canal?

Contact Quincy High Care Dentistry to learn more about protecting your smile. We offer numerous services to assist patients of all ages. Call (617) 405-4524 or book an appointment online. We look forward to meeting you.

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